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Our Customers


Gathering the business of design, manufacture and marketing of aircraft, such as airplanes or helicopters.


Gathering the research, manufacturing and marketing of drugs for human and veterinary medicine.


Who is interested in the use of bulk chemicals from oil to produce other synthetic compounds.


Combining industrial activities that transform raw materials from agriculture, livestock and fisheries in food products intended primarily for human consumption.


Bringing together all the activities of designing, manufacturing and marketing of textile and therefore, among other clothing.

Pulp and Paper

Which is the raw material for papermaking.


Including establishments primarily engaged in smelting and refining ferrous and nonferrous metals from minerals, smelting or scrap. They can add different substances subsequently to manufacture metal alloys.

Manufacture of Plastic extrusion

A sophisticated and versatile area which includes the manufacture of products, equipment, molds and resins for the plastic.

Filtration Plant and Water treatment

Including all buildings and equipment for treating raw water to make it fit for human consumption.

And many others

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